Monday, December 13, 2010

Tulsa Time!

7735 S. 88th E. Ave., Tulsa
 This house at 7735 SE 88th E Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also along US Route 66, was the third home we owned, and is still today a favorite.  It was built by A. L. Stevens, a retired oil company accounting executive turned home builder.  He was meticulous in detail and hired mostly retired craftsmen who were just as meticulous in detail and finishing.  Mr. Stevens limited himself to building no more than two homes a year.  This home featured a stunning arched glazed-brick country kitchen and lots of built-in hardwood cabintry, including a beautiful desk and hutch in the kitchen, and his and hers built in armoires in the master bedroom.  We found the home very well maintained, for which we had great appreciation.

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