Saturday, December 18, 2010

The (new) Home Stretch!

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With our beloved Indiana Univeristy fading in the rear view mirror, we headed back north on Route 37 toward Indianapolis, and then made the turn east onto I-70.  Though the roads were clear, our route still showed the effects of the ice storm that had swept over the mid-west on Thursday, including some spectacular winter scenes such as this one, between New Castle and Richmond, Indiana.

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We crossed the border into Ohio about 1 PM, and continued on across Ohio to St Clairsville, just shy of the West Virginia border, where we decided to stop for the night!
We had yet another exceptional experience this evening to add to this journey.  We wanted to get an early start tomorrow for our final segment to our home in Maryland, so we decided to find a church with a Saturday evening mass.  What we found was  Saint Alphonsus Church, in nearby Wheeling, West Virginia.  Sorry that the photo quality is not up to par.  This photo was taken in very dim light with my Blackberry, just before mass started.  The church was built in 1856 and has striking  romanesque architecture.  If you are interested, you can read more about St. Alphonsus here:

Tomorrow we should reach our destination in Queenstown, MD.  It looks as if the weather will continue to be kind, and we hope to arrive there by mid-afternoon.

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