Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk! (???)  What's that all about?  Well as we left Tulsa we also for the time being left US Route 66 and headed north on US 169 from Oklahoma and up through eastern Kansas.  Now anyone familiar with Kansas has heard of the Kansas Jayhawks, the  official mascot of the athletic teams of the University of Kansas. "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!" is a chant by the crowds at KU games.   Our previous homes in Kansas were our destination today.

Now I can find no evidence that a Jayhawk is a known species of hawk in Kansas, or anywhere else for that matter!  But it is a fact that eastern Kansas sports a large population of a species called "red tailed hawk". 

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These hawks are highly territorial.  As we drove up US 169 we could see one about each mile, perched in a tree or on a fence post along the two-lane highway.  The highway provides a perfect feeding habitat as any small animal that crosses the road is highly visible to the hawk. 

We tried several times to get a close up photo of one, but each time we stopped and opened a car door the nearby hawk would take off and soar.  These are the best shots that we could manage.

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