Sunday, December 12, 2010

Enchanting Drive!

Entering New Mexico!

Today, day three, started in Flagstaff, Arizona, and saw us drive across New Mexico and into the Texas panhandle to Amarillo, Texas.

My co-pilot takes the wheel!

I got some welcome assistance from Beth, my co-driver and wife of nearly 39 years.  New Mexico featured a wide variety of scenery and we should have chronicled that with more photos, but we also started listening to a long audio book to help us pass the time as we put down the miles. 

Click on photo for larger image!

Here is one example from the day.  Though the Painted Desert is in Arizona, New Mexico features it's own colorful scenery like this...

And New Mexico is where we crossed the Continental Divide.  Had we been in a wagon train this would have marked a significant milestone.
Entering Texas!

After hours of driving we crossed the border into Texas late in the day.  Texas is the first state since we left California where either of us had previously lived.

Beth took this one from moving car! Click photo for a larger image!

As we neared Amarillo, our destination for this evening, Beth caught this beautiful sunset with the camera.

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