Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ice Age Revisited!

I-44/I-70 Mississipi River Bridge!  Entering Illinois!
From West St. Louis County we set sail for Edwardsville, Illinois, across the mighty Mississippi River, to visit with Beth's cousin Cheryl.  Funny that with all the places we have lived between California and here that this is the first of our relatives that we reached on this trip! 

We were lucky that we got an early start today, because less than an hour behind us a winter ice storm closed in. 

Beth & Cheryl, Edwardsville, Il
By the time we had finished a nice dinner with Cheryl, the streets had become treacherous with a 1/4 inch sheet of ice.  Back in Missouri, right where we had taken the exit from I-44 to Route 100 at Gray Summit, a semi jacknifed and wrecked, causing a backup that stranded motorists for over 6 hours!  Just a coincidence, but some 39 years ago, nearly to the date, I had experienced an identical ice storm begining at the same spot in Gray Summit, Missouri, as I moved hand-me-down furniture in a trailer hitched to a '65 Plymouth Barracuda from my parents West County house to that bungalow you can see in an earlier post below in Waynesville.

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