Monday, December 13, 2010

Ohh! Oklahoma!

Entering Oklahoma! Click any photo for larger image!
 By mid-day Monday we cleared the Texas panhandle on I-40 and crossed into Oklahoma, where we lived for about six years, leading up to the time when I left John Deere and joined Honda.

501 Mulberry, Weatherford, Ok
This home at 501 Mulberry Street in Weatherford, in west-central Oklahoma, was the second home we owned in our lives, and still one of our favorites.  Weatherford is yet another stop in our lives on the famous US Route 66.  This home was built during the oil boom of the early 1980's and featured beautiful finished wood throughout.  When I was transferred we sold it to the brother of our real estate agent, Bruce McGill.  As we visited Weatherford today we dropped into his office and found Bruce still active in his Real Estate and Insurance business, some 25 years after we left.  The home now has its third owner, and we were very pleased to find it well maintained and boasting some nice improvements. like the circular drive and brick mailbox column.

Another stop in Weatherford was at the local Braum's Dairy store.  Braums is a dairy store chain founded in the early 1980's and still thriving today across Oklahoma, N. Texas, and parts of Arkansas.  Braum's is perhaps best known nationally for the first successful gig by the now-famous actor/comedian/country bumpkin Earnest, and his never seen on camera side-kick Vern!

The family-famous all-fruit dairy salad!
Braum's Dairy Store - Weatherford, Oklahoma!
Here you see Beth with a commemorative treat made famous in our family by my mother, Jean Vassey Patton.  The story goes that when she was visiting us in Weatherford, Beth took her and our two (young at the time) daughters Sarah and Jenny to Braum's for lunch.  The young girls ordered first, and when Granny Jean showed up at the table with the all-fruit bannana split our daughter's eyes nearly popped out in envy!  Granny Jean explained it away as her "all fruit dairy salad". 

Beth had planned this commemoration without telling me until after I had already ordered my sandwich basket.  I guess that made the commeration whole!  By the way, she forced me to admit here that today she was not able to completely finish it!

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