Monday, December 13, 2010

Amarillo by Morning!

3405 Nebraska, Amarillo
 Monday, December 13.  We woke up on US Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas, where my family moved to in 1960 from my native state of North Carolina.  It was here in Amarillo where I attended most of junior high school, fittingly at David Crockett Jr. High.  The other Jr. High Schools in the area were Travis, and Bowie, all named for heros of the Alamo!  The first home pictured is at 3405 Nebraska, and is a home my parents rented while they built their first new home. 

3606 Torre Dr., Amarillo

The second home pictured is that new home they built about four blocks away at 3606 Torre Drive.  It was while we lived at this home that my youngest sister Carol was born.

The current homeowner came out of the home while I was taking photos and we engaged him in conversation.  He has owned the home for the past 12 years and has put an 1,800 square foot addition on the back of the home.  I was disappointed that the home is poorly landscaped.  It looked pretty stark from the front, especially since the native bermuda grass is dormant for the winter.

We also dropped by and photographed an Amarillo home my younger brother owned (not pictured here) in the mid-1980s, at the time our niece Lauren was born.  Then we headed for more points east!

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