Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sho-Me First! Sho-Me What?

1315 Biscayne Dr., Jefferson City, Mo.
 First on our agenda for today was this. It was the first home that Beth and I ever owned , at 1315 Biscayne Dr., Jefferson City, Missouri.  It was located in a new home development well out of town, in the middle of what had been hayfields and pastures.  There were lots of quail around and I had fun perfecting my quail call,  Fittingly, and totally not kidding here, the home builder's name was Bob White!

Street address unknown, Waynesville, Mo.
   But it was here where Beth and I first lived together, shortly after we were married in January of 1972, some 39 years ago!  It took some searching, but today we found it still standing! This less-than-wonderful bungalow had simple skeleton-key door locks and windows that didn't lock. When I first drove her up to this place, my new bride looked at me and said "you are kidding me, aren't you?"  It was located across from the high school in Waynesville, Missouri, but behind a smelly fuel oil trucking company just outside Fort Leonard Wood, where I was stationed when in the Air Force during the Viet Nam era.  We only lived it this bungalow for a short time while we were on the waiting list for on-post housing.  You will be able to read more on "Fort Lost in the Woods" in the next blog post!  Oh! For the record, with this stop we have now found our way back onto our heritage along US Route 66. 

Meanwhile, we just must share more of Missouri with you in this next photo.  Like I said, Missouri has much to "Sho Me"!  We found this along Missouri Route 17 between Lake of the Ozarks and Waynesville!  We assume this Missourian is heading to Florida just after Christmas.  What do your think?  (NO! We did not live here at any time!)

Flamingos and Santa with Reindeer?
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