Sunday, December 19, 2010

(New) Home Sweet Home!

 Final Day!  We were up early this Sunday morning, heading out early so we would arrive with some daylight left when we reach our home in Queenstown, Maryland.  We cut one stop from our trip, our former home in Medford Lakes, NJ.  We decided we needed time to recoup some energy from the trip, and to make preparations to meet the movers, who have advised us they will be at our place first thing Wednesday morning.  We will easily be able to visit that former New Jersey home as it will be just over an hour from our new home, and we have very good friends we look forward to visiting there, and soon!

This Blog is best read in chronological order from bottom to top!
First accomplishment today was to cross into West Virginia, which would be a short visit as we quickly crossed that narrow north-pointing arm of West Virginia.  Not to worry "Mountaineers"!  We'll be back!

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Just a few minutes later we crossed into Pennsylvania, the Keystone state, and not long after turned south from I-70 onto I-79.  Those who are familiar with the geography of the area know that our visit to Pennsylvania was also short, as about 40 minutes later we crossed back into West Virginia just above Morgantown.  From just below Morgantown, we turned back east onto I-68, known as the "National Highway".  Why?  We don't know, and set the cruise control for Maryland, who's border laid just 32 miles ahead.  We are both familiar with I-68 as it is the route we would use in the mid 1990's to take our oldest daughter Sarah back and forth from our then home in Medford Lakes, NJ, to college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Welcome to Maryland!
The trip through West Virginia is mountainous, fitting for the Mountaineer State, and we experience some snow showers along the way.  Evidence of the recent snows was still present as we crossed the border into Maryland!  Ahhh!  After about 3,350 miles on the road, we finally entered our new home State!

Maryland has a lot to offer, and scenery is one of it's best attributes.  Nothing like the Sierra's of California, or the Canyons of Arizona and Utah, but still some very pleasant views that range from the mountains to the Chesapeake Bay.  This series of photos starts in the mountains of western Maryland.

I love the symmetry of this shot!
Then continues as the mountains smooth out into hills as our eastward trek takes us down to the plains of central Maryland....

.....where we begin to see the snow gradually fade and the forests change to picturesque farms like these

About 200 miles later, after skating between Baltimore and Washington, DC (you west coast surfers would have called it "shooting the pier", and those who have lived on the East Coast know what I mean by that!) and found our way to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, our Garmin voice "Gertrude" still guiding the way!

Please click on this photo for a larger image!

Here though is a better view, albeit not as good as you get in person, but as good as we could manage in stiff crosswinds from the moving car.  There are no scenic turnoffs on the bridge!

Our home in Sportsman's Hall, Queenstown, Maryland!

About 20 minutes later we arrived at our destination, and our new home in Queenstown, Maryland, located about halfway down what is named Bennett Point Peninsula!

Our home here is a 2,200 sq ft single level home situated on a 1.2 acre wooded lot, situated between two inlets of the Chesapeake Bay.  During the last mile to the house we saw a small herd of wild turkeys in the woods just off the roadside, and then a family of deer about a half mile from the house. We believe we are really going to enjoy it here! 
View from Google Earth! Click for larger image!

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